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Line Boring & Welding Services

In line boring or machine bores of large items of stationery plant that cannot be easily removed from site for repair such as large diesel engine bedplates, Digger parts, cylinder blocks, steam, gas and hydro Housings, Screw Feeders, coupling hole aligning and line boring and other major items of plant that have worn or are damaged to a degree that requires repair. Our highly trained line boring engineers can fulfil any needs, In addition to Line boring we can machine inside and outside, rotary weld inside and outside, drilling, tapping, flange facing

Mectek Mechanical Services Ltd are an on board, on site precision machining company offering line boring, serving a wide range of industries around the world on a 24 hour, 7 day a week working programme as required by our customers.

The company has the ability to design and produce special purpose equipment, jigs and fixtures to enable all forms of on site operations to be successfully undertaken. Our management and engineering teams work endlessly in pursuit of ongoing improvement in all the activities under- taken, particularly machining methods and product quality to enable the benefits to be passed on to our valued customers.

Mectek Mechanical Services Ltd engineering team are fully versed in the production of equipment necessary to undertake all forms of portable line boring activities and most of the equipment to cover this discipline of work have to be designed, produced and built in house. It is found that these boring machines perform more effectively than ones bought “off the shelf” and are tailored more to the specific needs of the machinery operated by our customers. The transportable line boring machines the company has are made to rigorous standards in terms of accuracy, this in combination with our highly motivated and skilled workforce presents customers with the confidence required to undertake high precision on-site, in place line boring projects of important major items of production equipment

An indication of work undertaken using the combined manning skills and precision equipment would be the machining of diesel engine bedplate main bearing bore lines whether individual or the full line of bores have to be machined due to damage caused by crankshaft failure, over speeding, poor maintenance or old age.

Line Boring Customer List:

• Rolls Royce • Alton Towers  • Siniat  • Alstom  • British Gypsum  • Coors Brewery
• Bairds Maltingsm  • Lafarge Industries  • Hanson Cement

Many of the named companies above consider Mectek Mechanical Services Ltd as their on-site machining provider.